All nail art & services are done using LED-curable japanese gel products.


Vamp Claws
Simple Nail Art - $50 - 1.5 hours
This option includes glitter, iridescent fairy dust, mini gold studs, small painted designs/accents like stripes or polka dots, detailed designs on two "accent nails", magnetic "cat's eye" gel, mirror metallic chrome, metallic foil and leaf, chameleon chrome or flakes, pearl pigment, holographic pigment, negative space color-blocking, half-moons, white marble, cloud prints, and things of that nature.

Mixed Media/3D - $75 - 2 hours
This option includes a simple color, glitter, or chrome base with various encapsulated special effect and 3D elements on every finger. These elements can include iridescent glass film, natural gems, japanese abalone shell, studs, gold charms, sequins, cabochons, pearls, tiny dried flowers, crushed opal, and other fun things.

Complex Nail Art - $100 - 3 hours
This option includes a detailed hand-painted design with an intricate theme/design on every finger, a combination of detailed painted designs and 3D elements, or detailed 3D art such as full crystal sets. Examples include floral or leaf prints, geometric patterns, fine linework, themed nails, or any complex design.


Basic Nail Services
Basic Gel Removal - $5
3D Nail Art / Hard Gel / Acrylic / SNS Removal - $15